Five things you may not know about New Onereach

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As we continue to improve our working efficiency and services, we’re expanding in new and untypical (for some) directions and experimenting with new ideas. Here is a sample of what we’ve been up to recently.


1. We move to a bigger office and hire more fireballs.


To keep up with the changing needs of our clients, we are making changes of our own. And so we’re bringing in more people with varied—and perhaps dynamic— types of backgrounds and skills, from Hong Kong to the Northern China.


Over 100 coders, data engineers, developers, merchandisers, quality inspectors, designers, logistics specialists and others are currently part of Onereach. They come from some of the leading company of sourcing, creative agencies, and start-ups, etc.


2. We are establishing our own platform.

We launched an entirely new app and website, recruited top digital talent to build a new digital unit from scratch.

A few recent examples of our work include:

1Rebuilding company's website

The website is mainly for showing our attitude and staff profiles, no more commercial style.

2Launching Onereach APP

We've done lot of on-site verifying jobs before we launch our app. Although it looks similar to Alibaba, it definitely makes up for the disadvantages of the internet. Our clients can have video talks with suppliers and they have more detailed information we offered.

3. We set up supplier communities of multiple industries.

Data assets of products and suppliers are always our core competitiveness. We've become community leader in social group which includes more than 200 suppliers. Through our activities in the community, suppliers get to know each other and offer to update their quotation in the chatting groups. That will ensure a win-win situation between us.


4. We digitalize our management

we can confidently say that from all of our experience, the businesses that embrace digital are the ones that will thrive. " We quote this from Mckensey insight to show our attitude toward digital.

1First, we digitalize our database of various productstheir market trend, latest price, standard of QC, distribution area, importing countries, target consumers, promotion designs, etc.

2Second, we classified our suppliers based on: production lines, certificates, logistics capability, trading history, defective rates, credibility, manufacturing types, etc.

5. We've got new addresses

User experience matters for both product-base company and service-base company. That's why we open our offices in Europe and Southern Asia to keep up with the demands of clients from different countries. Besides, our customers can reach out to us in their continents.


All we did is to ensure our clients feel satisfied with our services. Any way that can maximize our customers’ profits and minimize their purchase costs is worth trying.


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